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Supporting Students with Dyslexia

 Dyslexia affects the learning process in relation to reading, writing and speaking, such difficulties are often disproportionate to the student’s other academic abilities. Dyslexia is indicated by a mismatch between an individual’s assessed ability and his/her attainments in literacy-related areas.

Dyslexia may affect the development of the student’s ability to remember in sequence what is seen or heard, Their ability to identify sounds in words and ability to put things in order. It may affect concentration, co-ordination, letter/numeral formation skills and the speed of reading and understanding. These aspect can affect a large portion of an individuals life and so tutoring and focused support is especially important.

Children with dyslexia can succeed in school with tutoring or a specialized education program. Self confidence surrounding academic ability can be affected after spending so much time struggling and so we find Emotional support plays a huge role and within the Study Centre this is a focus throughout tutoring.

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