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9 Tribe’s Partners

9 Tribe Consulting is a marketing company set up by two school friends, located in the midlands of Ireland, Athlone, County Roscommon. 9 Tribe Consulting offers several marketing services including Website building, marketing & digital strategies, financial reporting tools and more services. Along 9 Tribe’s journey we have worked with some great people and companies. So, this is our special shout out to all of them, in which we recommend you looking at.


Morrissey’s Irish Pub, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Paddy Irish Man one, Paddy Irish man two, Paddy Indian Man and Paddy American Man walk into a Brazilian restaurant in America. All the Paddy’s turned to each other a decided this was the best spot to build an Irish pub. And they did. Sounds like the start of a bad joke, but four friends all of different geographical descent, started this bar over 8 years ago. It has some of the best bangers and mash known to man. This is one of the true gems in Minneapolis



The Study Centre, Ballinasloe, Galway, Ireland

The Study Centre was the idea of Ruth Sheridan Cregg. Ruth has always been hugely passionate about education and equality in education. This led to the inception of the Study Centre. Ruth felt there was a way to give affordable extra study time and grinds to the people of Ballinasloe. The Study centre offers grinds, a quiet study setting, safety courses and manual handling courses and now she just started her language centre, upskilling students in French, Irish & Spanish.


The Kidz Korner, Ballinasloe, Galway, Ireland,

Another Sheridan Lady and the Study Centre’s Ruth’s mother, Julie Sheridan is also an entrepreneur in the town of Ballinasloe. Julie runs the kidz korner in Ballinsasloe, a small boutique kids’ clothes shop in the Ballinasloe square. Julie has everything for everyone from new-born babies to teenage kids. She has vests for your grandad and birthday cards for your niece. Julie and the ladies in Kidz Korner are lovely people and a pleasure to deal with. Prepay2021


Utah Department Store, Ballinasloe, Galway, Ireland

Utah Department Store was set up by Val Colleran, one of the many Colleran’s in Ballinasloe. Val had a huge amount of retail experience before he decided to go on his own, working and managing the Texas department store in Athlone. Utah Department store stock some of your biggest brands for men and women clothing like Diesel, 6th Sense, No Name, ICHI, Rant & Rave and more. They also have a great homeware department for all your beddings, curtains and more.



Wildhunter, Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland

Wilhunter was started in 2002 by Athlone Native Brian Connaughton. Brian first started trading in Clara market and has only grown since, now having a store in Athlone and a store in Galway. Wildhunter sell fishing tackle, hunting equipment, and now recently are starting to sell water sport equipment like kayaks and bodyboards!, Athlone, Westmeath Ireland is also based in Athlone. operate purely online, selling Dog containment systems like wireless dog fences, wired dog fences, dog cages and other products. Dog has been going for a couple of years now and are seeing continued growth. Long may it last!



Utah Outdoors, Ballinasloe, Galway, Ireland

Utah Outdoors is Val Colleran’s latest venture. Here he teamed up with Regatta, Dare2B and Craghoppers and has brought Ballinasloe a good range of outdoor clothing, camping, and hiking equipment. Located across from the Shearwater and beside Ruth’s Study Centre, Utah Outdoors is a very modern shop and is seeing a good performance in it’s first year of trading.



Wildhunter Wholesale, Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland

Wildhunter Wholesale is another string on Brian Connaughton’s bow. Brian started selling his hunting equipment to retailers in Ireland and then the UK. However, Brexit came in so that meant he had to pull back from the UK market and refocus on the Irish market. Everyone at Wildhunter Wholesale has been a pleasure to deal with and we wish them continued success.



Utah Blinds, Ballinasloe, Westmeath, Ireland

Utah Blinds completes the Trinity of Val’s ventures. Utah Blinds offer a large range of Blinds, Curtains and Shades. From Electronic Blinds that you can operate from your phone, to old, styled shades, Utah Blinds has it all. Val Colleran must be a busy man!



Athlone Anglers Association

Athlone Anglers Association was founded in 1937 and is still a very large and active club today.  It is one of the largest freshwater angling clubs in Ireland due to its great commitment and growing membership. They are a very ethical club and have some great objectives in place to protect the wildlife and species around the Midlands. John has been a pleasure to deal with and we wish them all the luck and joy in their future endeavours!


Nightvision Ireland

Night Vision Ireland is our most recent partner. Again, this company operates purely online, aiming to supply night vision and thermal imaging equipment to the Irish market. This equipment is used by farmers, Wildlife conservationists, Search and rescue missions, Security concerns and Fire or Hazardous events. We wish all the success in the future.


The Ultimate Body Manual

The Ultimate Body Manual was set up by a group of professionals in the health sector. They focus on traditional, non-quick tricks, healthy and sustainable way to treat your body. They say “Almost every machine on this planet comes with an instruction manual. Everything, that is, except the Human Being.The way we are put together makes us the most complicated 'machine' in existence. At UBM we have put together this manual which is full of essential advice for healthy living, body and mind. All coming soon to you. we’ve got the answers!” Yes, they do!




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