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Our Intensive Revision Courses are designed to get students results.

Expert Tuition, Excellent Notes.

We will focus on key subject areas thoroughly, with clear and thorough explanation of the topics as well as exam questions and effective examination technique strategies.

Each course is taught by a subject expert. Our Teachers understand exactly how to maximize each and every students individual potential. Our infamous revision notes will allow students to continue their learning post course.

To book a place on our courses, simply select the number of courses you would like to attend and purchase.
A member of our staff will contact you to confirm subject selections at a later date.
Each subject has been divided into two sections which will be thought over christmas and then easter revision courses.

1 Subject:   €100
2 Subjects: €190 (€95 per subject)
3 Subjects: €250 (€83 per subject)
4 Subjects: €300 (€75 per subject)
5 Subjects  €300 (€60 per subject)
6 Subjects: €300 (€50 per subject)


28th December   - Business          
                             - French HL    
                             - Home Ec. HL

29th December   - Accounting HL
                             - Chemistry HL
                             - English HL

30th December   - Biology HL
                             - Math HL
                             - Geography HL

2nd January         - Economics HL
                              - Irish HL


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