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Saturday Study

Saturday Study runs from 10am - 2pm every Saturday.

This supervised study is open for anyone who wishes to use the study hall.

You do not have to be a member of the Study Centre evening study to attend Saturday study. Saturday Study is €6 which is payable when you enter study.

  • As with evening study it runs throughout the year including through all midterm breaks.

  • Our first study session is 1 ½ hours in length followed by a 20 minute break. A further hour of study takes place which is followed by a 10 minute break and then one final hour of study.

  • Students may enter/ leave study only during break periods.

  • Supervised study takes place in one of two designated study halls. There will be no usage of any other room permitted to study students.

  • There are strict rules surrounding silence at all times within the study hall. These rules are enforced without regard to circumstances. Students who talk during study will be given two warnings, after this parents/guardians are contacted and students must be removed from study.

  • We ask all parents/guardians to ensure students are fully aware of this rule and comply at all times.

  • Phone usage is dissuaded during study. Each student is allocated a phone box which is also their study table number. We are aware students may have school work to complete on Microsoft teams etc. however, this can only be permitted during the final hour of study and as such we encourage students to complete all other areas of study prior to this hour.

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